Medication Assisted Treatment vs. Abstinence by Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM of Las Vegas Recovery Center

Medication Assisted Treatment Vs. Abstinence by Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM of Las Vegas Recovery Center — Mel Pohl, of Central Recovery Treatment’s renowned inpatient chronic pain and addiction treatment center, Las Vegas Recovery Center, gave a presentation on C…

Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation: Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation: Addiction Rehabilitation — – CALL (888)-42HABIT (888-224-2248) Addiction Inpatient Rehabilitation Inpatient care, eve…

Drug Abuse and Cindy McCain – After the Election. Should Not All Addicts Be Equal in the Eye of the Law?

Question by FBH: Drug Abuse and Cindy McCain – After the election. Should not all addicts be equal in the eye of the law?
…just a thought.

(Question Disclaimer: This IS a valid question, one I am looking for an answer to. If this question somehow upsets you – please choose not to answer it.)

NY State Divorce…Should I Get a Lawyer?

Question by katykat0171: NY State Divorce…Should I get a lawyer?
My husband for 6 1/2 years wants a divorce because I relapsed on drugs 2 months ago. I went to treatment and am now back in NY with over 60 days clean and will continue to not use drugs.
I have not worked most of our relationship and stayed home being a housewife and going to college throughout the years which I haven’t completed because my husband makes too much money for me to get financial aid.
In the begining we dated and I found out his visa was about to expire and I wanted to keep him in my life so I married him. At first my parents helped us with money until he completed college with financial aid and got a good paying job, 3 years later.Meanwhile, I got into drugs (crack, alcohol, marjiuana) and was in and out of rehabs until march 2006 I had two years clean until march 2008.
My husband and I are best friends and still live together and want to end things as comfortable as possible but we definately want a divorce within this year. Should I get a lawyer,Alimony?

Is Kannablis Herbal Incense Packs Legal in Davis, Oklahoma?

Question by DEMENTEDFREEKE: Is kannablis herbal incense packs legal in Davis, Oklahoma?
I found a website that you can get free herbal incense from. I just want some incense to make my house smell good and its free shiping and everything but I think it may be almost like K2 but its not K2. I heard someone say it was illegal and I dont want to get in trouble. so If I click yes to the terms of use and they send it I dont want the cops to show up at my house when it gets here. Its harmless if you want to make your house smell good. I just dont even know what it looks like or anything about it. Could it be legal. the website is. Kannibliss herbal incense.

I Believe I’m Developing a Shopping Addiction? Help?

Question by Anna: i believe i’m developing a shopping addiction? help?
Well I’m 14 and I’m still on my summer vacay till October 6th. I don’t have a job nor do I want or need one, and most of my good friends have been going on vacays and have been super busy. But I do have one great friend that I only see on the weekends because her parents are divorced. Anyways, I go to some kind of store everrrrry day no matter what, and if I don’t I feel incomplete and usually will be super-grouchy. I don’t spend alot of money at stores, only about anywhere from $ 15-$ 250 depending on the store. It also doesn’t help much that my bday was on the 11th so I’ve been going to the mall alot using my gift cards and cash. Shopping just makes me feel so complete and happy, especially since I get depressed and suicidal a lot. I know that this is not just a normal, teenage girl kinda thing, I’ve felt this way for about 10 years, but I never really thought it’s something serious until now. I haven’t confronted my parents about it yet, but I think they feel the same way I do. So what should I do and what are some tips? Thankss:] And no, I am not a spoiled little rich girl.