Understanding the Signs of Synthetic Drug Abuse


Understanding the Signs of Synthetic Drug Abuse – Ed O’Reilly of Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic discusses the increasing trends of synthetic drug abuse (K2, spice, bath salts) in adolescents on Columbus Today….


Bill would replace junk food with healthy choices

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The legislation would require the state to ask for federal approval of the program if necessary. The bill also would mandate recipients of some welfare recipients to be screened for signs of addiction and possibly drug tested. If passed by the full …
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Is Pornography Ruining Your Relationship?

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A Cambridge University study revealed that compulsive porn watchers show brain activity similar to that of alcoholics or drug addicts. Researchers found greater activity in an area of the … Unprotected sex, unemotional sexual interactions …
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Man With Rash Dies in Hospital ER After Waiting 8 Hours for Help (VIDEO)

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But the investigation into the incident revealed that Verrier was seen at one point when a nurse took his vital signs in the over-crowded waiting area. For its part, the hospital said that the man, who had struggled with drug addiction, was checked …
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