NY State Divorce…Should I Get a Lawyer?

Question by katykat0171: NY State Divorce…Should I get a lawyer?
My husband for 6 1/2 years wants a divorce because I relapsed on drugs 2 months ago. I went to treatment and am now back in NY with over 60 days clean and will continue to not use drugs.
I have not worked most of our relationship and stayed home being a housewife and going to college throughout the years which I haven’t completed because my husband makes too much money for me to get financial aid.
In the begining we dated and I found out his visa was about to expire and I wanted to keep him in my life so I married him. At first my parents helped us with money until he completed college with financial aid and got a good paying job, 3 years later.Meanwhile, I got into drugs (crack, alcohol, marjiuana) and was in and out of rehabs until march 2006 I had two years clean until march 2008.
My husband and I are best friends and still live together and want to end things as comfortable as possible but we definately want a divorce within this year. Should I get a lawyer,Alimony?

Best answer:

Answer by box of rain
ALWAYS get an attorney!

Answer by Gem
Yes, get your own lawyer if you want alimony.

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