Are Reproductive Centers Only Designed to Deal With IVF and More Severe Procedures?

Question by : Are Reproductive Centers only designed to deal with IVF and more severe procedures?
My husband and I recently moved to a new state and are trying to conceive. Due to PCOS, it’s been difficult and we would like to get a prescription for Clomid. We were referred to a local fertility center by a coworker, however it appears that they only deal with severe cases of infertility. When we called to make an appointment, we specifically asked if we could just start out treatment with Clomid before attempting something more extreme, like IVF. They simply told me to “have all of my questions ready for the doctor during our consultation.” The consultation is $ 550, and I’d rather not waste the money to be told the doctor only does invasive procedures.

In case this helps, we’re in Spokane, Washington and we have been speaking with the Center for Reproductive Health.

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Answer by Jessica
They should answer that question for you before your appointment. I worked with an OB that dealt with infertility. She did my blood tests, referred my husband to a specialist for sperm analysis, and started me on fertility drugs to help me ovulate. After 6 months of that not working, I was referred to a reproductive specialist for further testing and to explore IUI/IVF options. If I were you, I’d call around and try to get some more information. It was a lot cheaper working with the OB than it was with the specialist. $ 550 for just a consultation is crazy in my opinion.

Answer by ManyIdeas
Many infertility doctors and clinics will give you much better service and answer your questions. Additionally, check around for free/cheaper consults and coverage by your insurance.

You can find additional infertility doctors and clinics at

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