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Food Addiction?

Question by Jimmyster: Food Addiction?
I eat even when I’m not hungry.

And when I do eat, it’s mostly just meats like steak and burgers. Protein intake def. makes me feel better as opposed to not eating at all or eating greens such as a salad.

Why Do Some Teens Use Drugs?

Why Do Some Teens Use Drugs? — A segment from Teens In Action Presents… The Truth About Drugs and Alcohol.

Drug Abuse and Psychiatric Disorders in New Jersey – Video

Drug abuse and psychiatric disorders in New Jersey – Video — For treatment of psychiatric disorders, New Jersey residents with substance abuse problems turn to the solace of our centers. We believe that healing should …

Any Good Books on Teen Drug Abuse?

Question by : Any good books on teen drug abuse?
Ive read Crank, and all those books, I’m looking for a good book similar to those about tragic teen drug abuse. I’ve also read go ask alice.
Any good books?( And I’n not a druggy I’m just interested in that subject.) 🙂
The only drug story I’ve read that isn’t teen is tweaked

Teen Drug Abuse Treatment |Trust Makes Rehab Staff Effective So Kids Go Home

Teen Drug Abuse Treatment |Trust Makes Rehab Staff Effective so Kids Go Home — http://www.goodfutureteenrehab.com Our Teen drug abuse treatment center is effective because our Staff at Good Future Teen Rehab Delray Beach FL builds trust…

Is a Drug Addiction All Mental??

Question by bksmyth1: Is a drug addiction all mental??
Is a drug addiction all in your head or is it real, because ive done pills and i wasnt addicted, ive done coke and i didnt become addicted and the same thing with cigarettes, i smoked them but i never became addicted.. can someone tell me..